• The Sea Walker Team in Koh Samui

    Meet the Sea Walking Team in Koh Samui, Thailand! If you are up for serious fun and a good laugh and you want to explore something different, try Sea Walking now.

  • Sea Walking on Koh Samui Thailand

    Sea Walking is the latest, most innovative attraction you can find on the tropical paradise island Koh Samui! You need no diving lessons or swimming ability.

  • Sea Walking.is the new fun sport now in Koh Samui. Watch the video we made in Koh Tao's underwater world.

  • Sea Walking Samui - The New Fun

    View the amazing Underwater World of Koh Samui without Learning to scuba dive first - Undersea Walking is the latest Fun Sport on Samui!

  • Start your Underwater Adventure Now

    Walk Underwater and Explore the colorful Tropical Coral Reefs, while you breathe normally, just like you are used to on the surface!

  • Koh Samui - Tropical Paradise Island

    Koh Samui is know as a tropical paradise since more than 30 years now. The island offers all Kinds of Fun & Entertainment

  • Sea Walking - The Latest Fun Sport Underwater

    With Sea Walking as a new, trendy, underwater fun sport, Koh Samui has become even more attractive for visitors who's primary goal is not scuba diving.

  • Latest Pictures

    Diving and exploring the underwater world without actually diving? Yes! This is possible right now on Koh Samui. Contact us now!

  • Safety First!

    You are not alone! And it is NOT Dangerous! You will be supervised and looked after from above and from below water.

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Enjoy the Beauty of the Underwater World the Easy Way Seawalking is the Newest Top Attraction to Hit Koh Samui!

Breathing Underwater

Breathing Underwater

Whether you are in Koh Samui for the first time or are a regular visitor here on our beautiful island, we know you will enjoy sea walking with our friendly and well trained staff.

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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Sea Walking is the latest fun! You don’t need a certification to dive, you don’t need to sit in a classroom, you don’t even need to read a book to fully enjoy Ko Samui’s underwater world

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Where we are

Where We Are

Find us easily in Thong Krut and Taling Gnam, in the south of Koh Samui. Find a Map and directions on this page. Give us a call and we will be happy to pick you up.

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Read or Blog

Read our Blog

On our blog about Sea Walking you can always read the latest news and view new pictures and videos. Don’t forget to share this page on facebook and to bookmark our website so you can find back easily

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Protecting the Underwater World

Sapir and Let are keen conservationists, and only do walks on sand, never on coral. They don’t believe in feeding the fish, and nothing may be touched or picked up, not even shells. It’s a case of observing, not disturbing. Sea walking is a wonderful educational experience, allowing participants to study the mysteries of the underwater world, while not feeling like an outsider – sort of like being teleported into an Animal Planet documentary. This opens the opportunity to experience the undersea world to many, who otherwise would be only able to get as close as a glass bottomed boat-ride.
Enjoy Your Stay – Enjoy Koh Samui

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